IAR for ARM 7.70.1(附破解)

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Version 7.70.1

  • Support for the new IAR I-jet Trace for ARM Cortex-A/R/M debug trace probe
    I-jet Trace for ARM Cortex-A/R/M is a powerful probe providing extensive debugging and trace functionality for devices with the ARM CoreSight debug interface. It delivers large trace memory capacities and high-speed communication via USB 3.0 and trace clocks up to 350 MHz (double data rate). I-jet Trace supports ETM, PTM and SWO trace streams with up to 16 trace data lines for Cortex-A, Cortex-R, and Cortex-M devices using MIPI-20, MIPI-60, and Mictor-38 connectors. For more information see the I-jet Trace product page and the IAR Debug Probes User Guide.
  • Initial support for the new ARMv8-M architecture
    This release supports both the ARMv8-M Baseline and Mainline implementation. The ARMv8-M architecture is focused on bringing security to applications in the embedded and IoT market. For more information see the release notes for the compiler.
  • CADI for ARM Fastmodels
    The new CADI C-SPY debugger driver supports the ARM Fast Models hardware simulation technology.


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